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WWE Money in the Bank 2019 results: Shane McMahon bests the Miz again


Miz’s deep feud with Shane McMahon received a singles match at WrestleMania, and while Miz looked good, an extreme superplex gone wrong allowed Shane to get a fluke win. So they booked another match for tonight’s Money in the Bank pay-per-view (PPV) at Hartford Connecticut’s XL Center. This one would be a cage match and give Miz the chance to get that win that eluded him in New Jersey last month. Could he do it?


Shane’s initial plan was to try to escape immediately, which you could look at as cowardly or as smart. Either way, Miz prevented that.

Shane survived a flurry of kicks from Miz and delivered a powerbomb into the cage. This turned the tides of the match and Shane O’Mac.

Miz endured and when McMahon went for a Coast to Coast, the A Lister caught him and locked in the Figure Four. Shane escaped and tried to leave the cage via the door but the Miz dragged him back, unaware Shane grabbed a chair on the way back in.

However Shane lost the chair. Miz retrieved it and laid into his adversary, unleashing months of frustration. This culminated with a Skull Crushing finale on the steel chair. That didn’t end the match; however, as Shane got his foot on the rope. (That may not be an official break during a cage match but the ref stopped it anyway.)

Miz tried for another Skull Crushing Finale from the top rope but Shane tossed him to the ground and once again tried to climb out. Miz threw the chair at him before climbing up to meet him. This ended with Shane taking a bump from the top but the match continued.

Shane would try to escape again but Miz once again caught him. He tried to pull him in with a big superplex but a sweaty Shane McMahon slipped through his fingers (and his shirt) and fell to the floor, giving him the victory.

Mr. Miz was not part of this match. He probably had another booking. Your son could have used you, George!

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