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Renee Young says goodbye to social media

Social media can be a lot of fun, but it’s undoubtedly full of folks who take advantage of its anonymity to show their dark, or worst, sides. That becomes even more true the higher your profile is. When you reach the level of celebrity, even your fans can be scary. Especially for women and minorities, the hate too often takes on a specific, even violent, tone.

All of that is to say, we completely understand this tweet from Raw commentator Renee Young:

Young and her husband Jon Good (aka Jon Moxley, fka Dean Ambrose) shared how they kept their relationship a secret partly because of the toxic backlash she received just from rumors they were together. Renee got another wave when she became the first full-time female announcer in WWE history, and probably continues to get that - especially now that the history of that moment is passed and she’s another cog in Vince McMahon’s machine.

Just some background on why we say, go live your best life, NeNe. You don’t need to deal with that nonsense.

And if you need a reminder that social media can still be a lot of fun... take it away, Big E!

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