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Baron Corbin knows you hate his vest, that’s why he’s keeping it

In fact, he might even add another one!

When he was given an authority figure role on Raw, Baron Corbin ditched his “Lone Wolf” nickname, shaved his head and started wearing a nifty business casual vest.

But then he lost his job as acting Raw General Manager (a couple of times). Heck, he’s not even sheriff, any more. So a lot of fans are confused as to why he still rocks the vest.

When he went back to his old, basic t-shirt look for a match on the European tour, folks got excited!

It even generated some headlines. One of which Corbin caught wind of, so he rained on that parade right quick...

Baron Two Vest would be a very good heel response to this, even if it still wouldn’t make a lick of sense. And something tells me we’d still be arguing whether or not he gets the “right kind of heat”.

I’m just excited this little exchange reminded me of the delightfully British term “waistcoat”. Which is probably not the reaction a top heel should get when heeling online?

Let us know what you think about the former Lone Wolf, his outfit, and/or his heat below.

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