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Report: More details on Triple H being frustrated about WWE’s creative direction

Sometimes where there is smoke, there is also a whole lot of fire.

Despite being the largest professional wrestling promotion in human history, WWE is not immune to outside noise. It feels like WWE has been fighting uphill ever since WrestleMania 35.

Television ratings are down across the board, injuries are hitting more often than not, creative is in a funk, some talent is unhappy, and other talent is flat out leaving the promotion. These are just a few of WWE’s current issues. Another big problem when all of these elements are added together is more people are talking about what WWE is doing away from the ring rather than what goes down between the ropes on a weekly basis.

This surge of negative momentum, left unchecked, is a path WWE probably does not want to stare down for too long. Recent rumors of creative tensions between Vince McMahon and Triple H may be a symptom or cause of WWE’s recent run of missteps.

In the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscription required and encouraged) Dave Meltzer reports on recent creative clashes between Triple H and McMahon.

“Paul Levesque, while never saying anything publicly, those close to the situation say he’s very frustrated with how things are going on the main roster. One person noted that a big problem isn’t Vince not being open to suggestions, but that they believe he’s far too open these days to suggestions and that it ends up watering down all the original visions and storylines. We’re told that there has been too much input from too many people on the team who haven’t figured out that when you change something in a story, it has a ripple effect on every aspect of the story. He solicits input on so much from so many people that it leads to things being watered down.”

Meltzer would also go on to add that there is great concern within WWE about how the XFL will affect both McMahon’s workload as well as his creative decisions.

Is there a quick fix for what ails WWE, or does the company have to completely bottom out before any real changes are put into place?

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