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Sasha Banks is back online & talking if she quit WWE or not

So maybe there is a small chance Sasha Banks shows up to Money in the Bank on Sunday night?

A very small chance, but a chance none the less.

When the pro wrestling world last heard from Banks, she was trying to book a match with Impact Wrestling star and current WOW World champ Tessa Blanchard. A few days later it was WWE’s own champ-champ Becky Lynch who was calling out The Boss in hopes of getting her back into the ring.

Now, somewhat quietly, Banks is shooting down fans/addressing rumors that she quit WWE. It’s not much but it is Banks reacting to reports she quit WWE.


A Spongebob meme? This has to be a great and/or horrible sign for Banks’ future with WWE?

If you had to bet, what are the odds Sasha Banks shows up in some form at Money in the Bank on Sunday?

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