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Big E worked a few dirt sheets, and one old man, by being Big E

If you’re at all familiar with the man known as Big E on WWE television, Big Wool on UpUpDownDown, and here at cSs (at least when I’m writing about my favorite sensual/creepy weirdo) as Large Epsilon, then you probably knew exactly what he was doing when he told Busted Open Radio this about his recovery from knee surgery:

“I had a meniscus repair and I think I’ll be back by 2021. That’s my goal. If I give myself a year and a half, I think that sounds about right. You know you don’t want to rush these things. Maybe even 2022, who knows?”

I mean, a quick Google search will tell you that recovery from a torn meniscus is 1 - 6 months, not 1 - 2 years. Even if you don’t have access to a search engine, and don’t know anything about the five time WWE Tag Team champion, his next couple sentences should have given up the game:

“Maybe I’ll take some time off. Maybe get some hydraulic knees, because this is my fourth knee surgery. So maybe look into that. Some Go-Go-Gadget legs. I might go bionic, actually. So we might go back to the drawing boards on that. Get some new hardware. So yeah, that’s the plan.”

So look. I know as well as anyone this internet wrestling hustle can drive folks crazy. But come on, people!


E even pushed the envelope with one of them.

I couldn’t bring myself to see if they ran a follow-up story with his updated dates (he continued out, with the help of Tyler Breeze and a like-minded Twitter follower, to 2027).

The story also brought out WWE Hall of Famer Superstar Billy Graham, who has made it his business to speak out against The New Day whenever possible. We’ll let you draw your own conclusions. The former WWWF champ had some comments about Kofi Kingston shortly after his WrestleMania title win that we didn’t cover because, why encourage the cranky old fella, right? But for one thing, even the Superstar can Google up some WebMD pages. And for another, Large Epsilon’s handling of the situation was too perfect to not share, so...

New Day is Breaking Up It appears that way to me, according to the Big E's latest statement. He has told the wrestling...

Posted by Billy Graham on Monday, May 13, 2019

Never stop never stopping, big man.

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