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Sounds like tonight’s trip to Firefly Funhouse will be a dark one

WWE’s YouTube

I’ve made no secret of my love for the new Bray Wyatt “Firefly Funhouse” segments. From the start, it’s been clear there was something lurking beneath the surface of Wyatt’s new children’s show host persona - or at least a lot more in common between the new Bray and the old one than was apparent at first glance.

We’ve gotten a few signs that tonight (Mon, May 13) on Raw from London, the curtain could be peeled back further than it has been before. And we may not like what we see...

First, we got this rumor:

Then, this tease from Wyatt himself:

What does it mean? I’m hoping it isn’t a full blown return to the evil backwoods cult leader gimmick, but we’ll see. Bray will likely have a few new twists up his sleeve, even if the “secret” is his old persona.

Perhaps his recent promo game has some clues? He revealed the answer this afternoon:

He’s lighting the way. Should we let him in?

Join us in the live blog (or the spoilers for this pre-taped edition) to help us decide.

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