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Another WWE power couple confirmed?

We’ve already got Charlotte Flair and Andrade, in love (but not engaged) and enjoying themselves all around the world. For a while now, it’s appeared like there was another romantic relationship blooming in the WWE locker room - and we aren’t talking about Mama Lynch and Big E. There is a Lynch involved, though...

As you can see in the pic above, Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch were chummy at the Hall of Fame Ceremony in Brooklyn on April 6. They’ve also made at least one public appearance together at Seth’s coffee shop in Davenport, Iowa, and were spotted getting chummy at a Taking Back Sunday concert last month.

Now this.

The Divas of Doom have been watching Becky Two Belts’ back on the European tour, and that led to some Twitter banter between Beth Phoenix & The Man about their championship reigns (though they’re with different titles, each has four). Phoenix’s husband Edge - who had a famous run-in with Bex on SmackDown 1000 when WWE was still thinking they could get her over as a heel - got involved. It all led to talk of a mixed tag match, and Lynch more or less referring to Seth as “her man”.

Check it:

This GIF gets a lot of play, but it seems appropriate here...

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