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R.I.P. Ramblin’ Rabbit

On the latest edition of Bray Wyatt’s new love-it-or-hate-it “Firefly Fun House” segments, one of the puppets who regularly appear on his demented kid’s show murdered another one.

Upon discovering the grisly fate of Ramblin’ Rabbit, Bray informed Mercy the Buzzard “it’s perfectly okay to express yourself any way you want to, whether it’s painting a painting, flying a kite, or ripping Ramblin’ Rabbit to shred. The point is you can be forgiven, no matter what...”

What does it all mean?

My man Alex Briggs thinks Ramblin’ Rabbit is a stand-in for old Bray Wyatt. This week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter has an extensive analysis of the gimmick, which included consulting with a mental health professional who works with post-traumatic stress disorder patients:

“A lot of the references on the Bray Wyatt Firefly Funhouse segments stem from PTSD therapy. One therapist noted that ‘special place’ is a standard coping skill used for trauma. The art work of the house in fire is also related to trauma therapy. Putting his hands over his heart is a reference to butterfly hugs, which are used for PTSD therapy involving bilateral stimulation. From a PTSD therapist point of view, the idea from all this is that he’s reformed but haunted by a traumatic past.”

Whichever way you look it, we’re definitely meant to get the impression a less-benevolent Wyatt is lurking just below the surface of the character holding picnic parties for stone-faced children.

And whether you’re one of the people who love Bray’s latest tweak to his shtick, or are among those hate it... things like “Firefly Funhouse” and the hidden message game from his 2015 promos he’s promising to reveal the answer to this week reveal that Wyatt is at least trying to do some longer form work in the instant gratification world of WWE.

Will it lead to better things in the long run, or did Ramblin’ Rabbit die in vain?

We shall see.

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