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WWE teasing a character change for Nikki Cross

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Outside of social media, we haven’t heard much from Nikki Cross on WWE television. She’s been absent to the point of creating confusion over which brand she’s apart of. After a match on Main Event this week, it was made clear she’ll be working on Monday Night Raw.

She may also be getting a character change, as teased in the above video:

“Tonight... tonight was my chance. The newest Raw Superstar, Nikki Cross... it was my chance to make an impact on Main Event tonight. It was my chance, and I lost. I lost. Is there something I need to change here? Do I need to change? What needs to change? Do I just fight from the ground up, scratching and clawing? What needs to change? I’m always talking in the dark — maybe it’s time to step out of the dark and take a long, good hard look in the mirror.”

So, it sounds like she could be going the Mojo Rawley route.

Hey, at least now we know she’ll be wrestling on Raw!