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Do not come for Randy Bo Banders on Twitter

Bray Wyatt’s been working his new Firefly Fun House gimmick on television and on social media. On the latter, he’s been using it to make nice with some old enemies, you know, like a children’s show host who’s trying to show he’s not “bad” any more would.

One of the former foes he tried to extend an olive branch to was Randy Orton. Wyatt said he forgave Orton for the “bad stuff” the Viper did to him in their WWE title feud for WrestleMania 33 and beyond.

As we’ve documented in the past, though, Randy’s not really one you want to play passive aggressive Twitter games with...

I’m a little mad at Orton for even reminding me that this was an actual thing that happened during a ‘Mania match...

... but Yowie Zowie, I laughed so hard at his tweet, I forgive him. Of course, it may also be his accidentally tagging Canadian comedy franchise Trailer Park Boys instead of using a #TrailerParkBoys to refer to what Bray’s nickname reminded him of. But maybe Wyatt turned him on to the adventures of Ricky, Bubbles and Julian the way Luke Harper brought Kendrick Lamar into his world? Who am I to say. What the frig, probably should have just tagged the show’s Randy directly.

Anyway, this is Seany Fo Fawny, signing off.

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