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Jeff Hardy says he’ll be out 6 - 9 months; Matt teases singles run

As expected/feared, the Hardy Boyz SmackDown Tag title reign ended unceremoniously last night when Matt & Jeff vacated the titles due to the younger Hardy’s injured knee.

What’s next for the Woken One and the Charismatic Enigma?

In this at least partially kayfabe fallout interview with Kayla Braxton, Jeff says he’s set for surgery to have his “whole right knee repaired” in a couple of days, and then will be out for 6 - 9 months. He admits the injury existed before the brothers were first attacked by Lars Sullivan, but says the Freak’s “massacre” was the last straw. The 41 year old vows to be back “better than ever” after rehabbing the knee:

Meanwhile, big brother - only recently back from his own trip to the disabled list - sounds ready to embark on another singles run:

Best wishes to Brother Nero for a speedy and complete recovery. Can’t wait to see what the next version of Mattitude looks like.

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