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Raw after WrestleMania draws under 3 million viewers for WWE

Well then.

The WrestleMania 35 go home episode of Monday Night Raw drew just 2.63 million viewers, a good indicator of just how many fans simply aren’t watching the program via traditional television means in 2019. Relief was surely on the way, however, in the form of the Raw after WrestleMania, one of the biggest episodes of the year.

Yeah, about that...

This week’s show drew just 2.92 million viewers. The Wrestling Observer notes that is the lowest in history for this particular episode, and a 25-percent year-to-year drop. In fairness, this year WWE had stiff competition from the NCAA basketball National Championship Game, which did over 16 million viewers on CBS.

The hourly breakdown shows the numbers were relatively low right from the start:

Hour one: 3.18 million
Hour two: 2.94 million
Hour three: 2.65 million

That’s despite the fact that WWE was promoting Universal Champion Seth Rollins vs. WWE Champion Kofi Kingston in a “Winner Take All” match. Perhaps the majority of fans knew the swerve was coming and it would turn into a lame tag match?

The Superstar Shakeup is next week. That could get WWE over the hump. Then again, we thought this one would too.

Get full Raw results and coverage here, read the recap here, and watch highlights of the night here.

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