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Signs point toward Undertaker vs. Elias in Saudi Arabia

Undertaker’s surprise appearance on Raw last night (April 7) seemed like a one-off, a crowd-pleasing surprise on an after-WrestleMania episode that hadn’t had any huge surprises (sorry Lars Sullivan and Sami Zayn, I’d classify you fellas as medium-sized surprises).

But PWInsider and Wrestling Observer Radio both believe this was the set-up for the Dead Man’s next WWE booking. Reports have been out there for a while that Taker would work the next show in Saudi Arabia - he wrestled on both last year’s Greatest Royal Rumble and Crown Jewel events, after all. And he did look to be in better shape than we’ve seen him in a while when he showed up rocking a duster with no shirt look in Barclays Center on Monday.

Whatever the third Saudi show is called, it’s believed to be happening in early June. And it looks like it will have an Elias vs. Undertaker match on the card.

Hard to imagine that will be much more than the one-sided beatdown we got in Brooklyn, but even then, it’s a big spot for the heel troubadour (although the gig didn’t do much to change Rusev’s standing in the long-run). But we’ll see.

Are you interested in the Drifter vs. the Dead Man in the Kingdom, Cagesiders?

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