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Sami Zayn returns to Raw

Remember a couple months ago when WWE ran promos promising that Sami Zayn would be coming back soon and then just randomly stopped doing them while the man himself was telling those who asked he was still months away from being ready?

Well, he’s back now!

Indeed, this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw, the post-WrestleMania special notorious for epic returns and big surprises, featured Zayn casually walking around backstage before making his entrance to an adoring crowd.

“Well, hello.”

Hi there!

He simply asked for a match, from literally anyone in the back, and Intercontinental Champion Finn Balor was the man who answered the call, and they went ahead and had a match for that very title. As you can imagine, it was one hell of a ride, one that ended with Balor hitting the Coup de Grace and scoring the pin following a missed Helluva Kick.

After, Zayn grabbed a microphone and said WWE is a toxic environment not because of the McMahon family, not because of the wrestlers, but because of the fans. He didn’t miss them at all.

“You judge everyone, and you judge everything except yourselves. You want to know why that is? Because none of you have the balls to look inside yourself because you know the ugliness and the cynicism that exists inside of you.”

We, the fans, are the evil overlords, he says.

Hot damn.

He figures the right thing to do is to come out each week and “hold each and every one of you accountable, because nobody else will. See you in hell.”

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