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Dean Ambrose’s ‘last match in WWE’ wasn’t even a match

Thanks for the memories, Dean.

Bobby Lashley really did say “Don’t worry Dean, when you’re gone, I’ll make sure to take care of your wife for you,” right before his match with Dean Ambrose. Before the match could even begin, Ambrose was already at the throat of Lashley for his crack on his wife Renee Young.

Heading into the scheduled match, WWE hyped it up as Ambrose’s final in-ring action with the company. Instead of an actual match, Ambrose and Lashley fought up the entrance ramp for roughly three minutes.

The Lunatic Fringe got the best early on but was eventually speared and put through the Raw announce table.

After the commercial break, Michael Cole stated Young may not be back on commentary as WWE medical staff attends to Ambrose.

Is this really the last time fans see Dean Ambrose on WWE television?

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