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The New Day show up on Raw for a big post-WrestleMania surprise

The Barclays Center exploded the moment Big E’s voice hit over the arena’s speakers.

During Seth Rollins’ promo to open up the Raw after WrestleMania 35, The New Day surprised everyone with an appearance. Not only did new WWE champion Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods, and Big E show up on Monday night, they appeared with a proposal in mind.

After the Raw live crowd was done losing their minds for KofiMania, Kingston laid down a challenge for the new Universal champion. Since the women’s division for both Raw and SmackDown had only one true champion, why can’t the men have the same honor?

Title versus title, winner takes all.

Seth Rollins accepted Kofi Kingston’s challenge, and WWE just had itself one of the best opening segments to a Raw after WrestleMania.

With the Superstar Shakeup just one week away, is WWE going to have another double champion?

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