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John Cena says WrestleMania 35 proves WWE doesn’t need him

In the above exclusive video from WrestleMania 35, John Cena explains to Cathy Kelley why he agreed to jump in the “2004 way-back machine” and return as his early aughts heel Dr. of Thuganomics character.

The 16 time WWE World champion wanted to do something for the event on Sun., April 7 in East Rutherford, New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium. But his schedule didn’t allow him to work any of the shows leading up to the Granddaddy of Them All, and he didn’t want to take too much time away from the wrestlers who have been building stories that earned a ‘Mania payoff.

And that WrestleMania 35 was such a success without his being involved in the build reminded Cena of something:

“For years I could say that my contribution on television has helped sell tickets to this event. This year that was not true. And it is still completely sold out and everyone is still completely on the edge of their seat. And I’ve said this since the day I walked in the door - the WWE does not need me or any one individual. It needs the fans. So I’m at a very good perspective with the fact that they don’t need me. They’re just fine without me. And I’m very grateful to be asked to be even a small part. So I’ll even break out the old school stuff just to be a part. I hope it meant a lot to them [the fans], because they’ll have no idea how much it meant to me.”

What a guy. And what a company guy, too.

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