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Randy Orton apologizes to fans for WWE lighting screw up at WrestleMania 35

You probably heard a fan chant during AJ Styles and Randy Orton’s match at WrestleMania 35 yesterday (April 7) which didn’t seem to have anything to do with the action in the ring. Orton played to the crowd as part of it, but for those of us at home, it was never entirely clear what was going on.

Thanks to this Instagram from the Viper, now we know. And if you’d paid hundreds or thousands of dollars for ‘Mania tickets and this was in your face, blinding you from seeing the second match on the main card? You’d chant too.

Nice of the Viper to apologize, and very on brand to both not give af if he steps on toes at WWE by acknowledging this production screw-up, and for highly rating his own match.

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