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WrestleMania 35 results: Becky Lynch pins Ronda Rousey to win the Raw & SmackDown women’s titles


After seven hours of WrestleMania 35 at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey, the top three women in WWE took the stage for the main event of the pay-per-view. Ronda Rousey, the Raw women’s champion, was played in live by Joan Jett. Charlotte Flair, the SmackDown women’s champion, was brought in on a helicopter and given the red carpet treatment. Becky Lynch, the challenger and Royal Rumble winner, simply walked down the aisle to get to the fight.

Finally, it was time.

It was intense from the get go. They went hard after each other, with spots like Charlotte chopping Ronda in her chest and Rousey responding “you hit like a bitch” and Flair just straight up backhanding her in the face for it.

Rousey, by the way, sold for the Disarmher, that armbar she called fake and said wouldn’t even work.

They went back-and-forth and it was fine for what it was — they were clearly working hard, like Charlotte being put through a table — but the finish left something to be desired. Rousey couldn’t quite get Becky up on an injured leg and when she did, Lynch rolled through her finish and pinned her for a three count that felt like it came out of nowhere.

Commentary seemed to play up that there might be some controversy to the finish, that maybe Rousey’s shoulders weren’t down. Either way, Lynch got the pin and is now both the Raw and SmackDown women’s champion.

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