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WrestleMania 35 results: Miz kicks Shane’s ass, but Shane pins Miz

The build was straight out of Arthur Miller, by way of Jerry Springer.

Shane McMahon, the most famous son in the wrestling world, wanted to end his former tag partner, The Miz. Miz began teaming with Shane to impress his father. It worked, until they were unable to keep the SmackDown titles, and McMahon embarrased the A-Lister in front of his old man. Then attacked Mr. Miz for good measure.

The elder Mizanin was front row for their no holds barred match at WrestleMania 35 on Sun., April 7 at MetLife Stadium. And if anyone wasn’t clear on who the heel is here, Shane O’Mac came out dressed in all black, and bullied the ring announcer into giving him a more epic introduction.

As you’d expect given the build, Miz went right after McMahon at the bell. That proved to be a bad idea, as Shane lured him into the crowd and sucker-punched Miz when he tried to follow. It wasn’t long after that McMahon had his opponent set up on the announce table for his famous elbow drop. But George Mizanin stepped in between to save his boy... and then he headed into the ring and squared up to confront Vince’s boy!

So, of course, Shane kicked him in the midsection. Before he could do much more damage though, an incensed Miz slid to his dad’s rescue. He blistered McMahon with forearms and threw him into the crowd, then checked on George and called for trainers before leaping back into the crowd to light Shane up some more!

The action headed onto one of the production platforms, and involved one the giant LED towers which supported the ring covering. Miz dropkicked his former partner off the structure, and from there - the beatdown was on.

All through the international announce area, the A-Lister inflicted punishment on Shane. At one point, he smacked him over the guardrail, sending McMahon bouncing off a table to the floor eight feet below.

Somehow, Shane wouldn’t stay down. Even a Skull Crushing Finale in a camera well wasn’t enough to get a three count. And then we got our “what will Shane O’Mac jump/fall from?” question answered. Only it wasn’t just McMahon.

Miz superplexed Shane from atop an even higher platform. The problem was, when they landed on a padded bag below, McMahon was on top. The referee counted three, and Shane is still the best in the world.

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