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WrestleMania 35 results: Flair helps Triple H beat Batista, keep his career alive

After about 20 minutes of entrances which featured Batista tripping on the ropes as he entered the ring and Triple H on some Thunder Road ish, their street fight got nasty quick.

The Evolution partners turned foes brawled to the outside quickly, where Big Dave threw Hunter over the announce desk right in front of their friend Shawn Michaels (who was on commentary). Shortly after that, Trips hit Batista with a tool box he found in the timekeeper’s area, then assaulted him with a steel chain.

From there, it was the sadistic version of the Cerebral Assassin. Triple H produced several pairs of pliers, working over Batista’s fingers and then ripping his nose ring out!

The Game was a little too pleased with himself after bloodying up his opponent’s face. Batista back dropped him onto the announcer table again, then whipped him into the barricade. Things continued at a slow but vicious looking pace (much as I love him, a problem which plagued the start of Dave’s last WWE run returned, as he looked out of breath from the jump), and eventually found its way back to the ring for traditional wrestling move and pinfall attempts which could have ended Triple H’s career.

It looked like the end might come from the spot which Batista made famous during his initial run back in the aughts - the thumbs down powerbomb. But Triple H countered into a back drop onto a table that didn’t break. Then after a (Hall of Fame) D-X crotch chop, Hunter speared The Animal though an announce desk that did break.

From there, Trips went for old faithful. But before he could swing the sledgehammer, Batista hit a spear. He couldn’t get a three count, but he did get the weapon away from The Game. And after a spinebuster and a Batista Bomb, it looked like that was a wrap for Hunter’s career. But he managed to kick out at 2.99, and the Animal was left looking for another solution.

That was the steel steps, but that didn’t work out well for the Guardians of the Galaxy star. Hunter hit Batista with a spinebuster on the steps, and then a Pedigree. But Dave would not stay down, and the match continued.

Batista returned the favor by spiking The Game onto the steps, but an old friend returned at that moment. The Animal attacked Ric Flair to get this whole thing started, and Naitch returned to make sure Triple H got the sledgehammer, and distracted his former friend to allow The Game to use it. A running hammer shot off the steps and a pedigree followed.

Jokes about their edge and cardio are fine, but these guys beat the crap out of each other and told a good story - mostly because they love pro wrestling. Not a bad WrestleMania moment, if you ask me.

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