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Triple H calls AEW a ‘piss ant company’ at WWE Hall of Fame ceremony


Get it?

The actual funny part came when Triple H told the crowd Vince would hire everyone just to fire them, and Billy Gunn made sure to say “he can’t fire me.” This is, of course, because Gunn now works for All Elite Wrestling.

This is worth noting only because of the response he got.

“Vince McMahon will buy that little piss ant company just to fire you again.”

We certainly don’t need to look too far into this, considering it was for a comedy spot. But this is WWE, after all.

Later, Shawn Michaels cracked a joke about Gunn being “ALL IN.”

Later still, Triple H, in response to fans doing the Young Bucks “Too Sweet whoop whoop” chant, made sure to mention DX did things that were cool and that isn’t cool at all. But, whatever, fans do what they want these days.

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