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Jeff Hardy is really excited about AEW

The Gorilla Position caught up with Jeff Hardy for an interview during WrestleMania week and while there are obvious WWE related questions, it’s also worth asking about a certain other company that is making waves in pro wrestling. That’s especially true considering The Hardy Boyz ties to those in charge.

So what does Jeff think about AEW?

”I’m so excited. We love The Young Bucks, man, and to see that (Chris) Jericho is there, it’s so exciting to see what that becomes. So I can’t wait to watch that first show and get a feel for what it looks like, how it’s going to be, the longevity it might consist of. So, yeah, it’s always exciting for a new company to come through and see what happens.”

The obvious follow up question is to ask if he would ever go to AEW, and his response makes clear he would:

”We’ll see, man, we’ll see. No time soon, for sure, I’m here for a while. But, yeah, moving forward anything is possible. So, we’ll see.”

The WWE schedule is especially brutal, and both Matt and Jeff have struggled with it in the past. They’ve also worked lighter schedules with other companies and been just fine.

Perhaps they’ll do the same when their current contracts with WWE come up.

Then again, we still don’t know all that much about what AEW will ultimately be, so it’s also smart for Hardy to simply play it cool for now while observing the landscape to see how it shapes. Either way, the competition, at least at the moment, is real.

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