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Becky Lynch was worried her story had lost too much momentum to main event WrestleMania

Us too, Bex. Us too.

We now know that Ronda Rousey, Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch will main event WrestleMania 35 tomorrow night (April 7). But for something which seemed like a certainty at the end of 2018, with Becky & Ronda sniping at each other Twitter as images of bloody faced Lynch and a kendo stick wielding Flair were all over the internet, it didn’t feel like a lock to go on last until WWE came out and said it would.

There was a lot of speculation and debate among fans about if the story had lost its way, and maybe shouldn’t close the show in East Rutherford, New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium.

It was something which Lynch herself was concerned about, as she told ESPN’s Ariel Helwani in an interview from her busy pre-’Mania press tour. The quote is even better with the video (this answer is at the 3:30 mark), as The Man is as mystified as fans were by the seemingly never-ending twists and turns WWE booked for her story:

“Yeah, yeah, so - because I felt like, I was worried that the momentum had started to dip, because the build has been going on for the past nine years [smiles]. No, but it’s been since before October, so it felt like it was a long time. And then I had been - I had qualified for the match, then got suspended, or, then injured, then unsuspended. Then injured again, then suspended again. Then arrested, then unarrested, then arrested again. It felt like I was freaking Noah at this stage, just getting two of everything, and, uh, just build me a ship and let’s sail off to New Jersey.

But it just felt like, especially with Kofi making momentum and there was Brock and Seth and it was a question of who? Everybody was talking about they were the main event. And I was like ‘Noooo! I need to be the main event. This is all I’ve dreamed about, this is what I’ve manifested for years and years and years, and how do we make sure that that happens?’ And so with everything, it felt like a political campaign that I took every single opportunity, whether it was to get on Twitter, or social media, or cut a promo in front of the building, or to make sure that the fans basically elected me into this main event of WrestleMania. And - got there. Got there.”

Yes, you did. It really never should have been in doubt, though.

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