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The best answer from Johnny Gargano’s reddit AMA

Johnny “Wrestling/Failure/Champion/Participation/TakeOver” Gargano opened himself up to questions from the w/reddit community yesterday (April 4). It’s a fun AMA thread.

While it’s good to hear express his commitment to NXT in the hours leading up to fighting for the brand’s top title against Adam Cole in a best 2-out-of-3 falls match at TakeOver: New York tonight:

“I get asked the question a lot of when I’m going up to the main roster, and I got a taste of that with Raw and SmackDown, and obviously you get into wrestling, your dream is to wrestle at WrestleMania and one day I hope to make that happen. But for me, I feel like in my heart, NXT is my main roster. It’s everything I ever wanted out of professional wrestling and my goal with NXT is to make people forget the question “When are you going up to the main roster?” NXT is a viable brand on its own. We sold out Barclays Center again. I put our locker room up against any locker room in the world, and tomorrow night at TakeOver, we’re gonna set the bar for WrestleMania weekend.”

And, sure, he’s got some great stories about Triple H and Vince McMahon:

“The craziest thing for me, since I’m a huge wrestling nerd at heart, I remember we were going through an area where security was going to hold me back, and Triple H had to show security guards how to hold people back properly. At one point Shawn Michaels got involved too. So at one point, Triple H is holding my waist, and HBK is holding my arms. I couldn’t fathom in my wildest dreams where D-Generation X would be pretending be security guards with me at the center.

I actually met him [Vince] for the first time when I was Cedrick Von Haussen in 2007. I was 19 years old. They had to take me into his office to show him the Elf costume I was wearing, and it was almost out of a movie because he was sitting in a swivel chair with his back turned to me, and he slowly turned around when I entered the room, and he had a newspaper held to his face, and he slowly brought the newspaper down and said ‘you look great.’ After the match, he said ‘good job, kid’, and I felt like I could retire right then.”

There’s also lots of great stuff for fans of Disney World and Marvel, including an interesting discussion Gargano had with his wife Candice LeRae about Thanos’ butt. But for my money, this exchange right here is wins the whole shooting match...

The mic drop is overused these days, especially in WWE, but that deserves one.

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