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Ronda Rousey: ‘I love John Oliver’

We’ve heard WWE itself and a pair of its Superstars respond to John Oliver’s scathing report on how the company treats its wrestlers from the Mar. 31 episode of HBO’s Last Week Tonight. Now we’ve got a little something from one of WrestleMania 35’s main eventers, Raw Women’s champion Ronda Rousey.

It’s not an endorsement of Oliver’s expose targeting WWE’s classification of performers as independent contractors, which also frequently labeled Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon an @$$hole. But while being lobbed questions by TMZ as she also dealt with fans while entering a New York City building, Ronda could have chosen to not respond at all when asked about the Last Week Tonight piece.

Instead, she told them she loves Oliver, and is “a huge fan” of the host.

Rousey’s made it clear she doesn’t need WWE, so she’s probably not too concerned with adhering to their talking points - especially in a non-formal interview setting like this. But throwing her support to someone who’s at the top of Vince’s $#!+ list, moments after declaring her match against Charlotte Flair & Becky Lynch at MetLife Stadium this Sunday “do or die” as it pertains to her future with the company... it won’t do anything to dissuade folks from the notion she’s at least stepping away for a while after ‘Mania.

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