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WWE NXT TakeOver: New York results, live streaming match coverage: Johnny Gargano vs. Adam Cole, Matt Riddle vs. Velveteen Dream, more!

WWE NXT TakeOver: New York is all set to pop off tonight (Fri., April 5, 2019) at 7 p.m. ET, live on WWE Network! will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, match-by-match coverage of NXT TakeOver: New York below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

Tonight's show continues WrestleMania week for WWE from Brooklyn’s Barclays Center, and it's offering up a stacked card. While you're waiting for the show to begin, dig into our predictions - as well as a preview of the entire card!

Kick your off your shoes, relax, and enjoy all the action with the best damn pro wrestling community on the interwebs. And remember to keep refreshing!



Johnny Gargano def. Adam Cole

Shayna Baszler def. Bianca Belair, Io Shirai, and Kairi Sane

WALTER def. Pete Dunne

Velveteen Dream def. Matt Riddle

War Raiders def. Aleister Black & Ricochet


And if I spit it out, you’ll be sweet when you let me down. It’s not the silence I can’t take, it’s the sad look on your face. It’s the way we sit and talk like everything’s ok. All I want to say is, “Do you feel the way we share this space?” But all I’m gonna do is liveblog this here pro wrestling show for you, folks.

The show opens with a video package recounting the history of TakeOver and building into hype for tonight’s show.

Aleister Black & Ricochet vs. War Raiders (Hanson & Ray Rowe) (c) (NXT Tag Team Championship)

Rowe and Black to start, collar and elbow, Aleister with a wristlock and Ray reverses. Black reverses to a side headlock, shot off, slide low, headlock again, Rowe blocks, snapmare, side headlock, reversed, double leg and Ray has him down and ready to strike before backing off in a sign of respect! Back to their feet, go-behind, standing switch, takedown, again they stalemate!

Fist bump, tags made, circling, Ricochet ducks low, off the ropes, shoulder block does nothing, la casadora blocked by Hanson, lariat ducked, headscissors takeover into a dropkick and Warbeard hits the floor! Tags made, up and over, Aleister dumps Ray, off the ropes, springboard moonsault and the challengers sit in the middle of the ring! War Raiders back in, off the ropes, stereo rolls off the challengers’ backs!

Rowe with a back elbow, Black catches him with a knee and the One and Only hits a dropkick that sends him to the floor! Charging at Hanson, seated senton into a slam, tag to Rowe! Ray scoops Warbeard up and slams him on Ricochet, sending the King of Flight to the floor! Scoop and a slam on Aleister, grabbing an armbar and kneeling into it, tag to Hanson.

Wrist control, grinding his forearm bones across Black’s face before slamming him again and tagging Rowe back in. Ricochet tags in, shoulder block, smashing his face into the turnbuckles, springboard lariat follows! Running shooting star press... NOPE! Black in, big back elbow for two, drawing Ray up to seated and grabbing a grounded abdominal stretch. Really wrenching it back, Ray stamping his feet and trying to power through and Aleister throws him into the corner.

Laying kicks in, Rowe shoves him away, Black with a legsweep into a cover, only two! Boot to the chest, Ray with a judo throw and a knee to the face... NOPE! Tag to Hanson, Ricochet in back body drop and a huge crossbody! Setting the challengers up in opposite corners, Warbeard charges corner to corner with lariats! Fired up, posing for the crowd, Ricochet gets him up for a fallaway slam!

Reaching for the tag... TAGS MADE! Rowe and Black back at it, stumbling and unsteady, no pretty grappling now, they’re just pasting each other with forearms! Strike rush from Aleister, he catches a knee from Rowe, roundhouse kick, off the ropes, springboard... RIGHT INTO A KNEE TO THE FACE! Off the ropes... BLACK WITH A KNEE OF HIS OWN! German suplex to follow it, into the bridge... STILL NO!

Tags made, Hanson with the cartwheel, handsprings from Ricochet, ducking and diving, handspring kick one connects, handspring kick two misses, Warbeard with the handspring back elbow... NOT ENOUGH! Hanson to the second, climbing up top but the One and Only cuts him off! Boot up, rolling thunder... WARBEARD BLOCKS THE DDT! Tag made, shotgun knees, he picks Hanson up and throws him into Ricochet!


All four men down and out as referee Drake Wuertz counts... RICOCHET AND ROWE MAKE IT IN AT NINE! Slugging it out, Ray’s shots worth two of Ricochet’s, judo throw gets a pump kick and a tag to Aleister! From kick, knee for Hanson, Rowe grabs him but is forced to stumble away! BLACK MASS! TAG TO RICOCHET, HE PERCHES UP TOP FOR THE SHOOTING STAR PRESS BUT WARBEARD BREAKS THE COVER UP!

Up for the 630 senton... NO WATER IN THE POOL! BLACK COMES UP EMPTY ON ANOTHER ORIHARA AND WARBEARD RUNS HIM OVER WITH A LARIAT! Tag made, Hanson legal, Ricochet nails him with a pump kick! Off the ropes, duck the reverse roundhouse... THOR’S HAMMER GETS HIM! Warbeard suicide dive, up top...

War Raiders win by pinfall with Fallout on Ricochet to retain the NXT Tag Team Championship.

Post-match, both teams embrace and eventually War Raiders leave our two graduates to soak in the TakeOver crowd for the last time.

We go backstage with Johnny Gargano as he prepares for his match.

At ringside, we see Piper Niven and Toni Storm in the crowd.

Matt Riddle vs. Velveteen Dream (c) (NXT North American Championship)

Dream and Riddle soaking in the atmosphere to start as the crowd chants for both men with great vigor. Circling, Riddle throws a probing leg kick and Velveteen backs right off. A second, same result, VD slides low to pick a leg but Riddle turns it into a waistlock takedown! Looking for the double wristlock, wrenching it, step up, tornado double wristlock but Dream gets the ropes!

Test of strength, struggling for position, Matt with a monkey flip right into the armbar but Velveteen rolls and struggles until he gets the ropes and forces the break! Dream stomps Bro’s foot in! Side headlock, shot off, shoulder block, cover for one, Oklahoma roll only gets two! Folding press for two more, side headlock, shot off again, up and over, back rake in the corner!

Riddle a red-faced god of war as VD swivels his hips! King of Bros with the Karelin lift, he holds on, rolls through, number two, hip swivel and he tosses Dream aside only to eat a dropkick right after! Velveteen hobbles into the corner, springboard double axehandle! Back up top, another axehandle, a third as Riddle goes to the apron and VD heads up top to target him on the floor... BRO CATCHES HIM INTO A GERMAN SUPLEX ON THE FLOOR!

Back inside, Matt throwing chops, knife-edge and overhand, disdainful kicks set up the high senton! Palm strikes, raining them down, front kick, float over into the Pele kick, off the ropes for the charging forearms! Exploder suplex, Penalty Kick scouted, standing moonsault ducked, another senton sets him up, Penalty Kick connects... NOT ENOUGH! Looking for the Bromission, Dream turtling up but Matt pics at the arm and shifts to an armbar!

Hands clasped, VD kicking for the ropes and he gets a break but Riddle doesn’t let him go clean, hammering him with kicks as he lets go of the hold! Waistlock applied with Velveteen on the ropes, he kicks his hands away even as referee Darryl Sharma warns him. German suplex, Riddle rises up, knee strike sets up the fisherman buster... STILL NO! Bro wiping the sweat from his brow as VD gags and dry heaves, he kicks Dream and drags him in the middle of the ring for another senton and a two count.

Rolling to the ropes, raining palm strikes down but Riddle obeys the warning and backs off before he gets disqualified! Pulling Velveteen into the middle of the ring, he ducks a kick and applies a sleeper hold but Riddle slips out, European Clutch... NOT ENOUGH! Triangle choke in the corner and he saps VD to his knees! Wrenching back on the arm, Dream fading, flagging but not failing!

Posing to his feet, deadlift, Bro slips out, goes behind, ripcord knee... BRO 2 SLEEP! BRIDGING GERMAN SUPLEX ALMOST ENDS IT THEN AND THERE! Riddle full of determination, sizing his situation up, probing kicks and Velveteen can’t get his hands up to block! Matt tells him he’s the Bro that runs the show and a defiant Dream rises to his feet, iron hard intention in his soul!

Big point, “You!”, strikes, duck a lariat, big boot! Scoop and a slam, off the ropes, running knee! A lariat sends the King of Bros to the floor, up top... DIVING AXEHANDLE TO THE FLOOR! Back inside... FAMEASSER FOR TWO! Up top... RIDDLE CATCHES HIM IN MID-AIR WITH A DIVE! When Riddle goes to capitalize, VD hits a Codebreaker for two! Up top again, Dream thinks better off it and goes for a running knee... CAUGHT INTO AN ANKLE LOCK!

Bro wrenches it in but Velveteen is able to get to his back for upkicks! Riddle regains control, Dream rolls again, upkick to break, duck a roundhouse, roll through, land on your feet off a powerbomb... SQUARE & COMPASS DDT! Velveteen picks the leg, rolls through... DREAM VALLEY DRIVER! Up top... RIDDLE COUNTERS PURPLE RAINMAKER INTO THE BROMISSION! HE ROLLS HIM AROUND TO TRY AND GET IT ON BETTER BUT VD USES THE ROPES TO FORCE A BREAK!

MATT RIDDLE SPRINGBOARD GERMAN SUPLEX FROM THE APRON TO THE INSIDE! UP TOP... CORKSCREW MOONSAULT SENTON! SO CLOSE! Dream beckons him in for more and cracks a Shotei across his face! Boot for superkick, Riddle floats over, powerbomb, roll him through into the knee... NOT ENOUGH! BROMISSION IS ON IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING! RAINING SLAPS TO THE CHEST BUT DREAM ROLLS BACK INTO A PIN... IT’S OVER!

Velveteen Dream wins by pinfall, reversing the Bromission into a pin to retain the NXT North American Championship.

Riddle hangs back in the ring and waits for Velveteen to finish posing before giving him a polite round of applause and offering the fist bump. Dream makes like he’s not gonna take it before swinging back and accepting!

Backstage, the Undisputed ERA are chilling.

We see video of KUSHIDA signing his NXT contract earlier today, and then see the former IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion appearing in the front row.

Pete Dunne (c) vs. WALTER (WWE United Kingdom Championship)

Collar and elbow, WALTER backs him into the corner and breaks at referee Drake Wuertz’ behest. Dunne goes low for a leg pick but the Ring General blocks into a torture half-crab. Peter reverses to a toehold and then counters a headlock attempt by bending WALTER’s hand back! Looking for the chop, Dunne runs away from it and his chest skin lives to fight another day!

WALTER throws the champion across the ring, back to the lockup, again throwing him and again the chop comes up empty! Elevated knucklelock into a slam, kneeling armbar as the Ring General goes back to work. Pete with a kip-up, into the ropes for the break and he comes right back with a forearm! NOW WALTER GETS THE CHOP AND DUNNE CRUMPLES! Kicking the Bruiserweight aside, drawing him up, another huge chop!

Falling knee lifts on the mat, into a side headlock, Peter back to his feet and he shoots him off. Drop down, leapfrog, drop down, lariat but WALTER stands tall! Leap frog and a big boot from the Ringkampf man! Drawing him up, scoop to set him up top, overhand chop and WALTER climbs on top of him to step on his throat! Headed to the floor, back suplex into the apron, Dunne throwing probing kicks from the mat but the Austrian just blasts him in the face with a boot!

Toehold applied, shift to an Achilles lock briefly but Dunne counters to an inverted heel hook! Kicks to the face to keep WALTER off guard but the big man breaks the hold with a chop! Boston Crap applied, kick in passing to turn Pete over and Dunne crawls to the ropes until he gets a break! Drawing Peter over the ropes, he clubs his chest in but the second try gets caught!

Dunne bends his fingers back and WALTER kicks him off the apron entirely! Waiting for Pete to drag himself back inside, WALTER bids he get up and knees his face before stepping on his head. Kicks, Dunne’s ire rising and his resolve steeling and he lets loose a flurry of punches! Whip blocked, backflip up and over, corner enzuigiri, waistlock, standing switch, Dunne lands on his feet off a German suplex and hits a buzzsaw roundhouse kick that sends the Ring General rolling to the floor!

Pete to the apron... ORIHARA MOONSAULT! Back inside, the Bruiserweight heads up top but WALTER meets him with a double thrust and climbs to join him. Jockeying for position, Dunne bending the fingers back, sunset flip attempt... LIGER BOMB! WALTER KICKS OUT! Pete looking for a followup, the Austrian on the floor as he climbs up top and perches... DOUBLE STOMP TO THE FLOOR!

Back inside, backflip up and over a little rough and WALTER hits the shotgun dropkick! Gojira Clutch applied, Peter at the ropes, Ringkampf rope break and a chop to the back of the neck into the German suplex! TENRYU POWERBOMB BUT DUNNE KICKS OUT! WALTER gets up, his fingers bothering him a little as he gets back to work, wristlock, clubbing blow, chop with wrist control maintained!

Pete slaps him in the face and WALTER chops him right back down! Dunne defiant as the Ring General pulls him back up and again he rains the slaps down on the Austrian’s face only to get another chop! Dunne grabs the fingers but WALTER turns it into a test of strenght and pushes him into the bridge before stomping his face in! Up for a powerbomb again, Pete floats out and hits the enzuigiri, both men down and out!

Stepping on WALTER’s hands, the champion stomps both and follows it with a buzzsaw roundhouse! Up top, the Ring General cuts him off and joins him, looking for the Gojira Clutch but Dunne smashes his hand into the post to block! Getting under him... SLEEPER SUPERPLEX! INTO THE COVER... ONLY TWO! Going for a chop but Pete catches it and wishbones his fingers! And again on the other hand!

Off the ropes, German suplex, Cobra Twist driver! Nearfall, wrist-clutch stomps, WALTER’s able to turn them around and return them in the form of upkicks! More stomps, WALTER gets the Gojira Clutch for a moment but Pete rolls him back in and stomps his head in again! Trapping both arms with his legs, wrenching the big man’s arm’s back... BUT HE GETS THE ROPES!

Jockeying for position in the corner, WALTER drops the champion to the mat with a lariat and perches... DIVING SPLASH CAUGHT INTO A TRIANGLE! Dunne rolls through and goes to break his fingers again but WALTER blocks and rains palm strikes down! Stomping his head unprotected! Again Dunne goes for the fingers but WALTER shrugs him off with more stomps to the head!

Pete’s vise-grip on the fingers turns into a pumphandle... WALTER REVERSES BITTER END INTO A LARIAT! Off the ropes, Dunne with a forearm, a lariat... BITTER END ISN’T ENOUGH TO PUT THE RING GENERAL AWAY! WALTER lies on the mat, rearranging his fingers as Pete pulls himself up the ropes. Back face to face, going forearm for chop, WALTER wants more power! Chopping Dunne full force in his throat, they start unloading on each other!

Pete hammering in the ropes and Wuertz pulls him off, leaving him open to a boot from WALTER! Dunne is out and WALTER heads up top again but Pete recovers and wishbones the fingers again! Jockeying for position... TRIANGLE CHOKE IN THE TURNBUCKLES BUT WALTER CAVES HIS CHEST IN... AVALANCHE JACKKNIFE POWERBOMB WHAT IN THE WORLD! THE RING GENERAL RISES AND HEADS BACK UP TOP...

WALTER wins by pinfall with a diving splash to win the WWE United Kingdom Championship, ending Pete Dunne’s reign at 685 days.

Edge and Beth Phoenix are shown in the front row.

Bianca Belair vs. Io Shirai vs. Kairi Sane v. Shayna Baszler (c) (NXT Women’s Championship)

Brawling, Belair and Baszler run Shirai and Sane off and Bianca goes right in with a waistlock takedown! Back elbow to escape, thinking Kirifuda Clutch already but Belair throws her off and knocks her down until Io rushes in with the double knees! Trading pins, Shayna over with a knee to break it up and Kairi hits a neckbreaker to break the pin up!

Belair with a double thrust, running Sane over, and they mime a game of baseball. Off the ropes, double dropkick, Baszler kicks Bianca out of the ring and the Sky Pirates run a double team. Off the ropes, duck the kick, double axehandle into a leg pick, stereo dropkicks! Kairi and Io alone, Shirai does the math and realizes they have to face off. Off the ropes, flip over, headscissors connects but Io lands on her feet!

Off the ropes, Baszler and Belair ruin the fun and come back in, the Queen of Spades whips Bianca into the corner by her hair, folds her bicep down... STOMP TO THE POINT OF THE ELBOW! A boot to run Shirai off, Belair with a back elbow, dive over, roll through, dropkick connects! Champion looking to yank Bianca into the post by her hair but Belair pulls her face into the post like Danielson and McGuinness at United!

Back inside, Sane with a flying elbow for a cover, big overhand chop, front elbow, duck a lariat, Bianca back handsprings out of it! Whip, Shirai with a springboard dropkick to wipe Belair out! Double knees in the corner, Io looks to head up top but Belair grabs her foot so she clocks her with an elbow and goes for a diving crossbody! The EST catches her, swings her into Kairi and hits a fallaway slam only for Baszler to break it up!

Karelin lift to send Shirai to the floor, she hangs Bianca over the buckles in the Kirifuda Clutch and fends Kairi off! Gutwrench, Sane from underneath, looking for a powerbomb but she can’t get it until Io returns... TOWER OF DOOM! Kairi off the ropes, Shirai gives her a boost... elbow drop plancha to the floor! Io with the Orihara moonsault to follow it!

Sane holds the champion in place but Belair cuts Shirai off with an STO! Glam Slam follows, Baszler with a knee, Io hits the Everest German suplex but she can’t hold the pin and all four women are down and out! Shirai with a cover, Belair breaks it up, same when Sane tries and the Queen of Spades roll out of the ring. Sky Pirates stand tall over Bianca and then hammer her with strikes!

Kairi off the ropes, Shayna yanks her to the floor, Belair with a schoolboy on Io... NOPE! Scoop her up, military press... SHE MILITARY PRESS DROPS IO SHIRAI TO THE FLOOR TO WIPE SANE AND BASZLER OUT! Bianca drags the champion back inside, double axehandle, double chickenwing, elevation but Shayna rolls through and into the Kirifuda Clutch! Belair thrashing and trying to break free as referee DA Brewer checks her!

Posting and turning, Bianca gets to her knees and fights out! Argentine backbreaker rack into the KOD... NOPE! Shirai in, she counters a powerbomb into an X-Factor! One moonsault, up top... KAIRI SANE BREAKS IT UP! Io with underhooks, Sane reverses... ALABAMA SLAM ONTO THE CHAMPION! Perched up top... DIVING ELBOW BUT SHIRAI IS THE ONE WHO BREAKS IT UP THIS TIME!

Sky Pirates face to face, rising to their feet through the pain, off the ropes, Io with a dropkick! Drawing Kairi up, punching away, scoop for a slam but Sane reverses into a DDT! Up top, Belair cuts her off with a hair whip, Argentine backbreaker, she stacks Kairi up top as well... DOUBLE KOD! BASZLER BREAKS IT UP WITH A KNEE AND LOCKS THE KIRIFUDA CLUTCH IN AGAIN!

Scratching, clawing, nowhere to go...

Shayna Baszler retains by submission with the Kirifuda Clutch on Bianca Belair.

Commentary hypes Triple H’s traditional post-show chat on Facebook Live up.

Adam Cole vs. Johnny Gargano (NXT Championship 2/3 Falls Match)

Collar and elbow, Gargano with a go-behind, front chancery, stalemate! Feeling out, back to the lockup, Cole with a side headlock, wrenching it in, Johnny steps in his knee to reverse, steps over into a hammerlock, trap the other arm, down into a pin, only one! Hammerlock still applied, Adam reverses, back to the side headlock and Gargano pries his way out of it and into a reversal.

Shot off to the corner, up and over, back into the side headlock and Cole takes him over to the mat! Johnny to his feet, shoots him off, shoulder block knocks him down, off the ropes, drop down, leapfrog, go-behind, roll away, duck a kick, pin, float over, duck a kick, snapmare, duck a kick, deep arm drag into an armbar and Johnny Wrestling is in control! Cole reverses, Gargano reverses the reversal and keeps the armbar on!

Wrenching the wrist, inverted wristlock, arm wringer, Cole with a whip, shoulder block drop down and Johnny’s looking for Gargano Escape to no avail! Going forearm for forearm, Adam backs him into the corner with the advantage, arm wringer into a whip, up and over, roll away, duck a lariat, off the ropes, headscissors takeover into a dropkick and a clothesline puts Cole on the apron and to the floor!

Beckoning him up, but Cole runs away, shift of gears, dropkick through the ropes hits him right on the button! Back inside, Adam with a gamengiri from the floor, then jockeying for position in the corner, slugging it out and Cole grabs a cravate. Knees in the cravate, shift to a rear chinlock then a reverse chinlock. Out of the hold, off the ropes, decked with a back elbow!

Cole drags him in the middle of the ring, cover gets one, overhead elbow and into a Dragon sleeper. Gargano shoving at his face, getting to his feet, shoot him off, both men go for a crossbody and wipe out! Slowly to their feet and slugging it out forearm for forearm, Johnny turning it up with lariats and an overhead belly-to-belly suplex when Adam comes off the ropes! O’Connor roll reversed, roll-through into the enzuigiri and Cole rolls to the floor!

Slingshot to the apron... SUPERMAN SPEAR FOR TWO! Running chop in the corner, whip across, to the second, tornado reverse STO but Adam kicks out! Jockeying for position over a suplex, half nelson, reversed, Cole shoves Johnny into the corner and gets him caught up for a rope-hung lungblower! Clubbing away, Gargano reverses a suplex to a small package, they trade pins to no avail!

Back elbow from Cole, Johnny with the roll-through kick but Adam has it scouted and lands an enzuigiri! Knee pad down, caught in the schoolboy, reversed, no! Basement superkick, duck the followup, into a victory roll pin for two! Kick to the midsection, off the ropes, sunset flip, Cole rolls through, off the ropes... LAST SHOT TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD!

Adam Cole wins the first fall by pinfall with Last Shot.

Gargano unsteady to his feet, Cole meets him with a forearm smash, repeated right hands, Johnny with lefts and rights and Adam hits a German suplex into a second Last Shot... NOT ENOUGH! Fireman’s carry, Gargano with elbows to slip out, hard forearm staggers him on the apron and Adam joins him... SPEAR ON THE APRON! Johnny back up, cannonball off the apron leaves both men down and out!

Throwing Cole back inside, slingshot... CAUGHT INTO A FIREMAN’S CARRY NECKBREAKER OVER THE KNEE FOR TWO! Adam to the second, right hands, jockeying for position, thinking Panama Sunrise but Gargano reverses... AVALANCHE AIR RAID CRASH! Wrist control, Johnny rolls him over to the apron and crawls himself into position but Adam Cole rolls to the apron! Cole with a fireman’s carry, Gargano slips out... SLINGSHOT DDT ONTO THE APRON!

Both men slow to rise, Johnny rolls in and breaks the count and pays for it when Adam rams him into the post repeatedly! Back inside, Cole fighting with right hands and Gargano gets a bridging Fujiwara armbar before rolling over and into the Gargano Escape!

Johnny Gargano wins the second fall by submission with the Gargano Escape, evening it up 1-1.

Johnny’s temple is busted open and they go to slugging it out in the middle of the ring, full-on Frye/Takayama! off the ropes, pump kicks from Cole, discus lariat from Gargano! Fired up, basement superkick blocked, enzuigiri ducked, buzzsaw roundhouse kick, tilt-a-whirl reversed into the brainbuster on the knee... JOHNNY WRESTLING LIVES!

Adam to the second and back down, throwing Gargano into the turnbuckles, jockeying for position... LAWN DART! HURTS DONUT FOR A NEARFALL! On their knees, going punch for punch and rising to their feet, shifting to kicks and they both end up down and out again! Cole ducks a lariat, takes a forearm, northern superkick, off the ropes... FLORIDA KEYS ALMOST PUTS JOHNNY AWAY!

Underhooks, Angel’s Wings blocked, Gargano with the arm but Adam hits a Saito suplex! Up to the second, Panama Sunrise tease again... GARGANO WITH THE POISON FRANKENSTEINER! SUPERKICK! COLE ROLLS OUT OF THE RING! He pulls Johnny out of the ring... WHEELBARROW SUPLEX INTO THE CORNER OF THE RING! Back inside, Gargano with a DDT, slingshot DDT to follow... NOT ENOUGH!

Off the ropes... SUICIDE DIVE! Superman spear countered with a kick, to the second... PANAMA SUNRISE CONNECTS! THEY’RE PULLING OUT ALL THE STOPS BUT STILL JOHNNY GARGANO KICKS OUT! Gargano on the apron, Adam comes over as he falls to the floor and follows out after him, calling him a failure. Right hands, Johnny throws him over the Spanish announce desk and clears it off... COLE REVERSES, FAIRYTALE ENDING INTO THE TABLE AND IT DOESN’T BREAK!

Back inside, happy to take the countout as Johnny Wrestling pulls himself together, referee Eddie Orengo counting, up to eight as Johnny stumbles... HE MADE IT! Cole has him lined up... BASEMENT SUPERKICK CAN’T DO IT! Adam pushing himself back into the corner, trying to figure out what he has to do to win this as he rises to his feet and takes his knee pad down again... GARGANO CUTS HIM OFF WITH A SUPERKICK!

ANOTHER SUPERKICK, LOOKING FOR PANAMA SUNRISE, COUNTERED INTO GARGANO ESCAPE BUT RODERICK STRONG RUNS IN AND OCCUPIES THE REF WHILE KYLE O’REILLY RAKES JOHNNY’S EYES! Gargano shoves Eddie Orengo out of the ring in his blindness and reDRagon give him the Total Elimination! Roddy throws Orengo back inside, Cole with the lateral press... JOHNNY GARGANO WON’T LET THE TITLE SLIP THROUGH HIS FINGERS!

Adam lines him up, charges in... BACK BODY DROP TO THE FLOOR WIPES OUT UNDISPUTED ERA! Gargano throws Cole back in, Strong into the post, superkick for Fish, tornado DDT for Kyle! Back in... he runs into a superkick! Northern superkick, off the ropes... LAST SHOT CAN’T PUT HIM AWAY! ADAM COLE IS GOING TO HAVE TO EXTINGUISH JOHNNY GARGANO’S LIFE FORCE TO KEEP HIM DOWN FOR A THREE COUNT!

Cole gets in Gargano’s face and yells at him that it’s his time, Johnny ducks the Last Shot, Gargano Escape is in! COLE HAS NOWHERE TO GO! HE ROLLS IT BACK THROUGH... IT’S OVER! JOHNNY GARGANO IS NXT CHAMPION!

Johnny Gargano wins the last fall by submission with the Gargano Escape to win the match 2-1 and to win the NXT Championship.

Candice LeRae comes and celebrates with Johnny! They go around the corwd before heading over to Johnny’s parents in the crowd to celebrate with the family! The Gargano-LeRaes stand tall on the stage... AND TOMMASO CIAMPA COMES OUT TO HUG JOHNNY AND CANDICE!

That’s the show, folks.

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