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Dean Ambrose hanging out at WrestleMania week indie shows leads to speculation

Sup Dean.

One of the best things about WrestleMania week is the flood of indie shows that flock to whatever location is picked for that particular year. Pro wrestling Christmas truly is now a week long event.

As fate would have it, soon to be WWE free agent Dean Ambrose just so happened to be in attendance for Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport event on Thursday afternoon.

Where’s Ambrose is the new Where’s Waldo during WrestleMania 35 weekend.

Oh hey, Regal.

What is Ambrose thinking here?

No matter what his next move is, it’s pretty cool to see Ambrose (despite being surrounded by pro wrestling 365 days a year) checking out an indie show during his off time.

It was only yesterday (Apr. 4), when Seth Rollins gave an emotional interview where he said Ambrose leaving WWE breaks his heart.

If this really is Dean Ambrose’s last week with WWE, what do you think will be his next move? Will Ambrose jump right back into wrestling for other promotions, or will he take significant time off to recharge his batteries?

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