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What Kurt Angle could be doing in WWE going forward


It hasn’t yet been a month since Kurt Angle retired from pro wrestling following WrestleMania 35. Well, retired from in-ring action. He’ll still be working with WWE, for at least the next five years considering that’s the length of the contract the company signed him to.

That’s what he told Wrestling Inc in a recent interview. He also told them what he’ll be doing during that time:

“I’m going to do some part-time - if they need me in front of the TV, maybe managerial, where I would be managing some wrestlers. But the most important thing is I’m going to be a producer. I’m going to help the wrestlers with their technique. I’m going to help them structure their matches. It’s something I’m very good at. I thought I’d be able to contributor the company [in that role].”

His wealth of knowledge is something WWE absolutely should be tapping into, and with its current roster of talent there’s no reason we shouldn’t be seeing amazing matches all the time.


Then again, Angle as a manager on television could be fun too. Either way, his sticking around should be a win for WWE, and the fans.

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