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Is WWE trying to embarrass The Revival for not re-signing?

With all the rumors about The Revival which have been floating around this year, a lot of people had questions when the above scene hit our screens during Raw last night (April 29).

Is an angle where they’re mocked for shaving each other’s backs and another loss to Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins really how WWE hopes to convince the Top Guys to stick around?

If you’d already heard reports about Dash Wilder & Scott Dawson turning down five year, $500,000 per year contracts, then you probably wondered if the former NXT and Raw Tag champs were being made an example out of.

Based on what Dave Meltzer said on the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, those are dots you could certainly connect:

“So The Revival stuff, that story’s true. They were offered a five year deal for $500,000 a year, they did not accept the deal, and that is why you saw what you saw on the show tonight.

It’s trying to make this reference like they’re these two gay guys. That’s the reference - they can’t say that, but that’s the thing they want you to think, and then Dawson comes out that we’re real men and all that, so that was like the idea... I think that was the idea of the segment to begin with... to kill them.”

It just sounds remarkably petty, but it wouldn’t be the first story of Vince McMahon or WWE behaving that way to make the rounds.

It also sounds like something Dash & Dawson should push back against? Being a good employee and doing what’s asked of you until your contract is done worked for Dean Ambrose, but he wasn’t asked to do anything which could potentially damage his brand. Not that being booked in bad/ridiculous ways will do anything but help The Revival in the long run with the audience they appeal to (one who’s aware of backstage reports and does things like listen to WOR), but still... yeesh, what a business.

What do you think, Cagesiders? Is this vindictive, or just run-of-the-mill bad creative?

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