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Sasha Banks Rumor & Speculation Round-up

Another week without any change in the situation that’s been reported about Sasha Banks and WWE. The Boss is said to have threatened to quit over the decision to have her and Bayley drop the Women’s Tag titles and ship the Hugster off to SmackDown. WWE gave her time off to think about it. She’s prepared to sit out the remainder of her current deal. They’re prepared to add as much time to it as they legally can.

We’re assuming she wasn’t at Raw last night (April 29) in Kentucky, because if she was it would be all over the internet by now. So what is going on with Sasha?

Here’s what some online sleuthing turns up.

She and Bayley have hung out recently, hitting a comedy show in Austin, Texas over the weekend. It’s there that we learned The Boss is no longer rocking her signature purple hair, which is probably not something WWE would approve of, but is something that could be changed again pretty quickly if they resolved their differences...

Banks has been more prominent on social media of late, using it the way pretty much anyone who uses social media does - wishing friends happy birthday, spreading the word about upcoming events you’re excited about, sharing artist’s renderings of you doing yoga with a baby goat. You know, the usual.

A pair of recent retweets seem most primed for interpretation:

And while we’re interpreting tweets, this one from frequent Sasha sparring partner Alexa Bliss got a lot of attention over the weekend:

While the reference to the rumor the Boss ‘N’ Hug Connection were “laying on the floor of the locker room” at WrestleMania 35 “loudly making it known they were unhappy about losing the tag titles,” is pretty clear. What’s not clear is what precipitated the comment from Alexa Bliss. Some Twitter-ers theorize it’s in response to this exchange between Becky Lynch & Bayley:

Which could be about that half of the NXT Horsewomen mocking Bliss for muting Banks? But no one knows, and it’s pretty crazy that I or anyone digs this deep into tweet interpretation, but welcome to 2019 on the wrestle web.

So... what do we know? That Sasha Banks is a brunette, and not on the road with WWE right now.

We’ll let you know if either changes.

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