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Bray Wyatt: Children’s show host is the most terrifying thing WWE’s ever done

Call me a cynic, but I’m still fairly certain the “Firefly Fun House” reinvention of Bray Wyatt will eventually be neutered or bollocksed up by WWE. That shouldn’t discourage anyone who wants to join my colleague Alex Briggs in searching for symbolism and deeper meaning in the vignettes we’ve been getting on Raw and SmackDown over the past week. It’s just me saying that every time I’ve searched a WWE story for symbolism and deeper meaning, it ended up being a waste of my time. Fool me once (or, in this case, roughly 75 times)...

What I will do, however, is enjoy these demented little scenes for however long I can. Because from Rambling Rabbit’s Donnie Darko-esque design to Bray’s half-tormented/half-threatening “I’ll always light the way, and all you have to do... is let me in” sign-off, this $#!+ is downright horrifying:

I don’t want answers to if this is a meta-commentary on criticism of his old character. I just want to sit here and be made uncomfortable by Wyatt. And I don’t even have to wait until tonight or next week for another trip to the Fun House! Bray is keeping it charmingly creepy on social media, too!

Some of these tweets feature Bray interacting with other members of the roster (ones he has history with, too) which ties into my greatest hope for his new act - that they never try to explain any of it, and just let others react to his childlike menace as a way to establish feuds.

Yowie Wowie, they do have me hoping this doesn’t all end in flames like Wyatt’s latest art therapy project!

I guess this really is a friendship that’ll never, ever end.

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