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We’ll learn the fate of the Hardyz SmackDown Tag title reign tonight

On the first episode of SmackDown after WrestleMania 35, Matt & Jeff Hardy defeated The Usos to claim the blue brand’s Tag Team championship. It made the Hardyz the only duo in history to hold all of WWE’s tag belts (WCW, WWE/World, Raw and SmackDown).

Unfortunately, it was also the last time we saw Matt & Jeff wrestle on television. They worked a house show where Brother Nero aggravated an existing knee injury - the Charismatic Enigma has reportedly been working with a torn PCL since his 2015 dirtbike accident. At this point, there are conflicting rumors about his status. According to Wrestling Observer, some sources claim he’s just “banged up” and will continue to wrestle around the injury. Others say Jeff’s headed for surgery after this week’s SmackDown and he & Matt will be dropping the belts one way or the other.

This announcement from the Woken One seems to confirm we’ll get answers this evening while WWE is in Columbus, Ohio:

Worth noting that this did not make it into’s official preview for the April 30 episode, so it’s possible the whole thing never makes it on the air, or is excised in one of Vince McMahon’s infamous late afternoon re-writes.

But even in a company that doesn’t place a high priority on their tag division, you’d imagine they’ll address the status of a major act like the Hardy Boyz as soon as possible.

Find out along with us in the live blog tonight, right here.

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