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Don’t get worked by Michael Che

Yesterday, SNL co-head writer & “Weekend Update” host Micheal Che posted a story to his Instagram addressing his recent run in WWE. That’s been leading to he and fellow SNL co-head writer & “Weekend Update” host Colin Jost entering the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania 35 this Sunday (April 7) in New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium, where Braun Strowman will try to give them those hands.

Some quotes from Che’s post have been making their way around the wrestle web, and taken out of context, lines like:

“I considered myself a WWE fan too! I’m part of the family! Until they turned on me and booed us!! Really..? Wow..”


“I thought I was part of something special. I thought the WWE Universe would have my back. Instead they treated me and Colin like trash. So to hell with them.”

are exactly the kind of things which should piss off wrestling fans angry that a celebrity is coming in and “taking a WrestleMania” spot. But tread lightly here, dear internet wrestling fan. Che’s story is a lot of things, like a pretty great mix of comedy and kayfabe IMHO, but it’s not a shoot.

The real give away is that he’s mad at Alexa Bliss for making the match. Which, you know, she is the host of WrestleMania 35, and once ran the Raw Women’s Division under acting General Manager Baron Corbin - but she doesn’t really book the show.

Che also has a theory that “real JERK” Braun has it in for the comedians because he’s in love with Bliss, and Alexa’s “unsavory ways” are contributing to all this as she won’t discourage her pet monster. He & Jost also caught Strowman doing something embarrassing backstage, and Michael thinks Madison Square Garden has a capacity of 650,000 and... look, this is not legit so don’t get upset!

It is a lot more fun than Ronda Rousey calling stuff “fake” though.


And don’t get worked!

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