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WrestleMania 35 predictions: Ronda Rousey vs. Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair

With WrestleMania 35 all set to invade MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey this Sun., April 7, 2019, live on pay-per-view (PPV) and the WWE Network, it’s time to go about making predictions for the biggest show of the year. The match card is filled out and our staff of learned blowhards will give their best guess on who is going to emerge victorious this weekend.

But instead of doing this all in one post and giving you a wall of text and 5,000 words to read through, we’ll give the top matches their own post, then cover the undercard.

Got it? Good.

Let’s go:


Geno Mrosko: There are plenty of reasons to believe WWE will book some sort of swerve here, because Vince McMahon is still in charge. Still, I can’t imagine not putting the title on Becky Lynch after everything they’ve done building up to this. All signs point to it and sometimes you just have to deliver what’s expected. This is the show for that. Pick: Becky Lynch

Sean Rueter: How can I pick against The Man? She’s a wrestler I’ve been so high on over the past year that some Cagesiders have accused me of performing unmentionable, and perhaps impossible unless her nickname isn’t just metaphorical, acts upon her. WWE put this match on last for a reason, right? But... if WWE’s ever delivered a story where none of us should be surprised by a twist for the sake of a twist, it’s this one. The WWE title could give them a big, crowd-pleasing babyface moment elsewhere on the card, and maybe a bit of controversy that sets Bex up to chase some more is good business? What do I know? Just that I can’t rule out Vince deciding to have a certain somebody put a historic loss on Ronda’s record, just like she did to Asuka last year. Pick: Charlotte Flair

Kyle Decker: Kinda crazy we’re here, isn’t it? Not just because it’s the women’s main event, but the fact that Becky Lynch is in that main event. Last year she wasn’t even a focus of the pre-show battle royal. And here she is with the chance to win two titles in the main event of WrestleMania. It’s wild. That’s how I think it goes too. Her year long journey culminates tonight in victory. The woman with no titles, who isn’t the chosen one (in the story), wins both. Now this being a Mania main event, I can definitely see a scenario they swerve us and Ronda wins as a mega heel. But when they gave us those Brock swerve finishes, they were managing the reaction of a very anti-Roman crowd. This will be a very pro-Becky crowd so there’s less reason to do that. Pick: Becky Lynch

Rev. Claire Elizabeth: Wooo, this one’s been a rollercoaster, hasn’t it? WWE managed to take what seemed like a slam dunk all-time level Road to WrestleMania storyline and put enough left turns in it to make a NASCAR driver dizzy. But that being said, it started real good and ended pretty well, so I’m not too mad about it. As for who wins... well, really, if I’m gonna be honest, as long as this ends with Ronda tapping out, I’ll be pretty happy. Nothing but love for my dark Queen, Charlotte, but let’s be real-- this has always been Becky’s story and Flair just got added for depth. If The Man doesn’t close WrestleMania victorious, I’ll be shocked. Pick: Becky Lynch

Cain A. Knight: The story for this match was turned into a convoluted mess due to WWE’s decision to add Charlotte to the match. Becky has cooled off a bit compared to where she was in November 2108 thanks to this silly injury angle they ran for the better part of two months in order to turn this into a triple threat. That being said, Charlotte’s presence won’t bring down the match quality one bit because she’s a fantastic pro wrestler. Becky Lynch clearly needs to win this match, and I think it’s a pretty good bet that the fans will be sent home happy with The Man holding up both titles. The main question is, will Rousey or Flair take the fall? Regardless of whether Rousey is sticking around for another month or not, she needs to take fall in this match. We’ve already seen Lynch defeat Flair many times, but we’ve never seen Rousey lose by pin or submission in WWE. Becky needs to be the first superstar to achieve that feat, thereby demonstrating that she backs up all her talk as The Man. Pick: Becky Lynch

Stella Cheeks: It’s truly the MOST WWE thing to take an exciting, no brainer match and turn it into a clusterf*ck. Only in WWE do they make history by putting the women in the main event of WrestleMania and then try to systematically ruin said main event. All I can say is thank god for Becky Lynch. It doesn’t matter how many times they arrest her or give her an unnecessary injury, once she starts talking I’m immediately pulled right back into the story and dreaming of Becky Double Champ. As for the other two? I don’t begrudge Charlotte, she’s incredible and absolutely deserves the main event spotlight. Plus, with her there we’ll actually get a good match! As for Ronda, she had to be carried through this story line with the assistance of both Becky and Charlotte and she’ll be carried through her main event match. She doesn’t deserve it, but I don’t think she’s wrong when she says this match wouldn’t be the main event without her. I just pray she doesn’t walk our Ronda Two Belts... Pick: Becky Lynch

That’s what we think.


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