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So here’s Cody Rhodes calling Triple H a ‘piss ant bodybuilder’

From the latest “Road to Double or Nothing” video building to Cody’s match against his brother, who was just recently granted a release from WWE, Dustin:

“My entire lot, my whole class of peers, has been compared to these gilded late 90s through the early 2000s for over a decade and it’s an utter sham. Sure, you paved the roads for us. But, gosh, you set the speed markers at 35 because you are terrified of any of us putting our fucking foot down on the pedal. You mean to tell me some piss ant bodybuilder, making every match a No DQ, meandering around the crowd, throwing the gib cam at his opponent compares with a Kenny-Okada match? Or some bra-and-panties spectacular can match up with what the women did last September 1st? Or even Dwayne, as electric as it was, rhyming and raising -- was it really better than what Punk said sitting on that stage?”

It’s almost like these two sniping at each other in a roundabout way is really good for business!

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