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Lio Rush dismisses latest backstage heat reports from ‘dirtsheets’ as ‘ridiculous’

As mentioned in our latest Rumor Roundup, Fightful had a report over the weekend with a few stories which allegedly caused or added to Lio Rush’s heat with officials and co-workers backstage at WWE.

Those stories included that Rush has rubbed people the wrong way by having his wife with him at all times - even at rehearsals, that he brushed off advice from Finn Bálor about how that looks to management, and that he’s hoping to get a reality show focused on his family.

Just as he did when the first, less detailed rumors hit last week, Lio’s responded on social media:

Is there anything here?

We’ll find out when we see how or if WWE books him from here on out, most likely. That a source within the company is getting this narrative out to the so-called “dirtsheets” is an indication that somebody backstage has an issue with Lio Rush. Attempting to dispel the rumors by slamming websites and newsletter writers is a time-honored wrestling tradition, Rush would do well to make nice with whoever his detractors are on the roster and/or creative team as well.

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