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Kofi Kingston to address Kevin Owens, and Jim Ross hopes he’s very serious about it

SmackDown is advertising an “exclusive interview” with WWE champion Kofi Kingston for their show tomorrow night (April 30) in Columbus, Ohio.

The segment will focus on Kingston addressing the beatdown he and Xavier Woods suffered at the hands of Kevin Owens last Tuesday, after the man they called “Big O” betrayed The New Day. It will also likely formalize Owens as Kofi’s challenger at May 19’s Money in the Bank event.

We’ve got no reason to think that Kingston won’t be focused and angry about KO’s actions. All three members of New Day reacted that way on social media last week. Throughout the KofiMania program which led to his title win in New Jersey at the Showcase of the Immortals earlier this month, the Princes of Positivity dropped their pancakes and unicorns shtick to play determined, hurt, frustrated or furious as the story dictated.

Still some fans apparently don’t like that Kofi ever does the things which made him popular as a tag performer now that he’s WWE champion. WWE Hall of Famer and AEW announcer Jim Ross is one of them, and explained his view on the latest edition of his Ross Report podcast:

“Somebody needs to tell Kofi that hopping to the [ring] - carefree, happy, smiling, I don’t know if that fits the champion, especially when you’re a marked man. The days of the six-man tags with New Day [are done] - it’s a different ballgame now. You’re the man. Everybody’s going to give you their best shot. At least they should, right? So, the happy, carefree demeanor may be fun for children, who can laugh at or with the antics, not so much I don’t think the older fans; 18-34, 18-49.

Just saying somebody that’s producing Kofi might want to suggest, you figure out how you’re perceived when you’re introduced. And sometimes, maybe that perception of Kofi is not indicative of who he is. I’m a big fan of his by the way.”

Is Kingston’s demeanor a valid concern? Personally, as you can probably tell from my intro to JR’s take, I think he can and has done both. And I think his ability to do so is a big part of his appeal to fans and WWE brass alike. So I’m a little perplexed as to where Ross, and others that see Kofi that way, are coming from.

What’s your take, Cagesiders?

H/T: 411mania for podcast transcription

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