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Bray Wyatt’s fake merch proves a point

That point being, WWE Shop’s offerings have been trash lately.

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Because of a recent run of ugly and/or lazy shirt designs (like this one), WWE’s merchandise graphics have become a running joke. So when the bizarre Firefly Fun House version of Bray Wyatt appeared last week, I wondered how they’d attempt - and fail - to turn this surprisingly original gimmick into a shirt.

And today, we finally saw their actual product, which is so low effort it’s practically tied into how surreal Wyatt’s new act is:

WWE Shop

Unfortunately for anyone looking to take my money, though, I’m more interested in this shirt:

Who knows why Bray tweeted this? Probably nobody aside from the dreadlocked grappler himself. But if I were him, I know I’d be sending it as a sign of how frustrated I am with WWE’s merch team.

Wyatt’s new vibe is so creepy and interesting... it deserves merch to match. Whether that would best be accomplished with giant carnival-colored glyphs or something more subtle is up to someone with a background in design.

At the end of the day, though, I have to thank WWE. I’m desperately trying to save money by not buying merch, and they’re making it easy on me.

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