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The Superstar Shake-up delivers us a fresh match up

One of the selling points of the yearly Superstar Shake-up is it shuffles the rosters so they can deliver us new matches, ones that haven’t happened over and over on TV already.

And this week, they actually did that!

On SmackDown Live this Tuesday, for the first time ever, Becky Lynch will face Bayley one on one. It should be noted that’s first time ever on the main roster and not in NXT, where the two went face to face a handful of times. Even then, Becky debuted on the main roster in 2015. Four years feels like an eternity in wrestling so this should feel new even for longtime NXT fans.

It’s almost surprising that these two have not faced off on the main roster, but that’s a byproduct of neither of them moving in the Shake-up until Bayley moved to SmackDown this year. So while we’ve seen Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks, Sasha vs. Bayley, Charlotte vs. Bayley, and Becky vs. Charlotte in some form many times, this horsewoman match has eluded us.

There’s nothing on the line in this match on Tuesday. Last week, Charlotte defeated Bayley to earn the right to challenge Lynch for the SmackDown women’s title at Money in the Bank. As of now, this is just an exhibition match.

Of course, it should always be noted with SmackDown announcements that this could change on a whim if Vince McMahon changes his mind.


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