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We need more details on this story of Big Show pooping on Brock Lesnar

Our latest Rumor Roundup updated us on where Brock Lesnar is vis-à-vis a UFC fight with Daniel Cormier. It also led me to the source of that item, a quaint little site which makes me think “Canada’s #1 Sports Blog” may still be hosted by the ghost of GeoCities?

Anyway, Rod Pederson’s interview with the Beast Incarnate on has a number of interesting tidbits. But this one jumped out at me, kind of like an explosive case of diarrhea:

“Lesnar told the amusing/disgusting story of how, one night during a show in South Africa, The Big Show had food poisoning. Lesnar slammed him to the canvas and his opponent exploded with diarrhea all over him!”

If there’s ever been a story in the history of stories where we need some follow-up questions, it’s this one.

  • What did Show eat?
  • Why was he still wrestling with food poisoning? Was there not another large person on the tour Brock could lift to impress the crowd?
  • Wouldn’t the excrement just fill Show’s trunks? Did it blow a hole through his gear?
  • How did the South African audience react? How did Brock react?
  • Was there a delay while the ring crew cleaned up after the match? Did they get hazard pay?

Paul Heyman’s client also told Pederson he’d be happy to do more interviews, but “he’s been instructed by his lawyer to avoid them because he’s too blunt and has a habit of saying things that get him into trouble!”

I get it. But if it means we can get the answers we need, I’m willing to sign a disclaimer.

Check out the whole blog entry at Pederson’s site here.

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