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Daniel Bryan still advertised for upcoming SmackDown, WWE European tour

Are we scouring the internet for signs of good news about our boy, D-Bry? You bet your butts we are. So while this comes with an even bigger CARD SUBJECT TO CHANGE disclaimer than usual, we’re gonna hold it in our hearts until we hear something else about the health and future plans for the man who hasn’t been seen since he dropped the WWE title to Kofi Kingston at WrestleMania 35.

Daniel Bryan is still listed as a “Featured Superstar” on’s event page for SmackDown in Columbus, Ohio this upcoming Tuesday. The venue (Schottenstein Center) doesn’t have any information about the card, which makes it even more difficult to tell whether we should read anything into this. One good sign is that WWE’s page has been updated to reflect the post-Superstar Shake-up roster, so if they knew Bryan wouldn’t be in the Buckeye state’s capital this week, they could have pulled his name.

Bryan is also still on’s pages for the blue brand events in the United Kingdom and Europe next month, such as this one, for the May 10 show in Helsinki (he is not listed on Helsinki Ice Hall’s page for the show, however).

Again, maybe it doesn’t anything, but it could be a sign the company is not 100% sure he can’t make those towns, so...

Keep hope alive.

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