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If you act now, you can pay $400 for a replica of The New Daniel Bryan’s hempen WWE title

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Like many of you, I loved everything about Daniel Bryan’s recent heel run. Perhaps the only bad thing about Kofi Kingston’s recent rise is it meant the gorgeous, eco-friendly WWE title which came with “The New” DB went away at KofiMania’s glorious conclusion.

(And maybe that it caused some sort of mysterious injury to Bryan, but keep thinking good thoughts and let’s not dwell on that.)

Well, if you loved the hempen belt like I did, here’s a thing. WWE is selling a limited edition run of 50 replicas of it for $400.

You can get one here.

But before you do, I just want you to consider this... creating a scarce supply of an overpriced product which has no utilitarian value is precisely the kind of thing the Planet’s Champion was railing against.

Once you meditate on that, do what you will.