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NXT referee Tom Castor broke his leg and continued to make the three count

NXT referee Tom Castor is the epitome of badass. His testicular fortitude is off the charts. At an NXT event last night in Omaha, he officiated the main event between Tyler Breeze and Velveteen Dream. Unfortunately, Castor broke his leg in the ring. He must have graduated from the Dalton school of philosophy for bouncers. “Pain don’t hurt.” Castor gutted it out to make the final three count.

Warning: Photos and video ahead of the injured leg, but not the moment itself of the break. It is not graphic, although, it is certainly enough to unsettle those that easily get queasy from this sort of thing.

Here is video of the three count. Castor is already on the mat on the right side. Language not suitable for work.

Here is a photo of Castor mid count. Notice the awkward angle of his foot.

And a different view of how legs aren’t supposed to bend that way.

If that didn’t give you a new found respect for Tom Castor, then this message from fellow NXT referee Drake Wuertz surely will.

On the stretcher, Castor squeezed Wuertz’s hand and said, “Drake, I love the business.”

I’d say Castor deserves a lengthy contract with WWE for showing that type of dedication to finish the match. Best wishes to certified badass Tom Castor for a healthy recovery.

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