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Here are five new Bray Wyatt GIFs WWE released to haunt your dreams

Yowie Wowie indeed.

The farther critics get away from Bray Wyatt’s rebranding on Raw, the more it feels the pro wrestling world is actually coming around to it. Wyatt debuted with his take on a Saturday morning kid’s TV host on Monday night and the reviews were mixed.

Stepping back from it and knowing Wyatt’s creative talents, the potential is there for the former Eater of Worlds and WWE to make something really cool out of whatever the hell this is.

Now WWE and GIPHY have released five new Wyatt GIFs for your viewing pleasure. Check them out below fireflies.

1. The smile and peak

2. Yowie Wowie

3. Have Mercy

4. The Firefly Fun House Chainsaw Massacre

5. See you when you sleep

Sweet dream Cagesiders.

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