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WWE covers 51 champions in 56 years with epic new every WWE Champion ever video

This really is an epic video.

From Buddy Rogers to Kofi Kingston, WWE covers the entire 56 year history of the WWE Championship in the span of roughly two minutes.

Rogers’ official reign began on April 25, 1963 when he received the WWWF World Heavyweight Champion title belt. Bruno Sammartino was the second winner of the title and then he began his mind boggling 2,803 day reign in May 1963.

Along with Sammartino’s 4,040 total recognized days with the title, only Hulk Hogan and Bob Backlund have held onto the WWE Championship for more than 2,000 days over the course of their careers.

With 13 title reigns, John Cena has the most reigns all time with the belt. Triple H and Randy Orton are tied for second place with nine total reigns each.

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