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Lio Rush responds to alleged backstage heat with WWE

Only hours after a report suggested Lio Rush had ‘internal heat” with WWE, The Man of the Hour took to Twitter to release a statement.

Rush closed his statement with

“The fact of the matter is that i do what i do for the people like me. For the people who struggle, for the people who fight, for the kids who dream and for the men and woman with hope. The fact of the matter is that you don’t always know the facts and that’s ok.”

Today (Apr. 25) the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscription required and encouraged) wrote about Rush’s current standing backstage with WWE.

“There’s internal heat on Lio Rush. On Raw this week, he wasn’t out with Lashley (neither were on Raw itself but Lashley worked the dark match main event). Rush is a very confident man. That can rub people the wrong way, even though you have to have that to be a star in this business. The story goes that he’s made it very clear to many people that he thinks he should be a/the top guy on the brand, and hasn’t been shy about saying it.”

This not the first time 24-year-old Rush has found himself on the wrong end of ‘backstage heat’. Back in Oct. 2017, Rush made a very bad joke about Emma being released. Rush would go on to apologize for the incident and would later say he learned from the entire situation.

Is this just a case of someone in WWE having it out for Rush or does he still need to learn how to navigate the pro wrestling locker room political scene?

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