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Kevin Owens already turned on The New Day

Long term storytelling, what’s that?

Following a grand total of seven whole days as part of The New Day, Kevin Owens turned on Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods tonight (Apr. 23) on SmackDown.

Even by WWE standards, Owens double crossing The New Day feels pretty quick.

Forced to over stuff himself with pancakes, wear unicorn headbands, and do team building chants, maybe KO just couldn’t take it anymore.

Following a main event featuring Kingston versus Shinsuke Nakamura, Owens made his move. During a post-match melee, Kingston pushed KO out of the way to save him from an attack from Nakamura.

Owens thanked the WWE champion by doing this.

Kevin Owens is good at pro wrestling and he can pretty much make anything work. It looks like Owens versus Kingston will be the match to make at Money in the Bank next month.

Though you still get the feeling that if WWE let the Owens-New Day friendship play out a little longer, the eventual turn from KO would have had much more of a dramatic impact.

Was Owens’ turn done too soon, or is making KO the villain just too good of an opportunity to pass up?

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