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Really hope we see Daniel Bryan on SmackDown tonight

Echoing a sentiment my man Kyle Decker closed his preview for the April 23 SmackDown with... I’m worried about Daniel Bryan.

Outside of an Earth Day tweet from his employers, we haven’t seen the man Kofi Kingston beat for the WWE title since their match at WrestleMania 35. That’s only two weeks worth of shows, but they were episodes which the company usually loads up with their biggest names. You’d have to imagine WWE would have used Bryan if it was an option.

Instead, all we’ve heard is reports he’s dealing with an injury. PWInsider says WWE is making sure information about whatever DB is dealing with is kept in-house. Wrestling Inc reported he was pulled from last weekend’s house show circuit.

Normally, no news is good news. Because hard as WWE tries, word usually gets out about what wrestler injuries. When it’s something that requires surgery, they usually confirm rumors quickly, since it’s difficult to conceal trips to Birmingham and prevent post-op photos from getting out.

But in the scenario many are fearful of when it comes to Bryan, it might be easier to keep information out of the dirt sheets/screens. The 37 year old from Aberdeen, Washington was forced into retirement due to concussions & concussion symptoms in 2016, then out for two years while convincing WWE he was no longer a risk for serious brain injury. If whatever his current issue is is related, he could rest up and get scans in a variety of places, and appear no different after treatment.

It’s important to remember that we have very little information about why Bryan has been out of action, so all concerns and fears stem from the absence of any updates, not a negative report or confirmed bit of bad news. But the longer he’s out of sight, the more worriers like me are gonna worry.

Hopefully we’ll see him or get some indication he’s alright on the April 23 SmackDown from Lincoln, Nebraska. You can find out with us in our live blog here.

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